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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Duck View Point

It looks like it has been ages that I have posted any blog. Lots of things have kept me busy and involved all these days.

So here I am restarting my blogging spirit with my most memorable New Year trip to home. After Assam, my dad is transferred to Ponta Shahib, a famous pilgrim place of Sikh, in a state of Himachal Pradesh. Ponta is really a very beautiful place. Within a circle of 3 hours travel time, there are so many places, like Dehradun, Shimla, Chandigarh, Masoorie , to see.

Just half an hour from my home, there is this place known as “Duck View”. Duck view is famous for its migratory ducks that come all the way from Siberia during winters. It is a wonderful place to take some scenic photographs. I also took lots of beautiful photographs of birds. Sharing few of them with you. Please comment if you like any of them.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Nestle makes me sick

Hi ,

Nestle food products (including baby food) are fairly popular in India, but I just found out something about their policy for the products they sell in India, and it's shocking.

Nestle has actually admitted it would use genetically-contaminated products in the food it sells in this country.

But what's more shocking is that this is the same Nestle that dare not sell genetically-tainted food in EU, Russia or Brazil.

Are Indian people less human? Are we guinea pigs and lab rats? Are we less deserving of safe food than citizens of other countries?

This has got to change, and it has to change now! That's just why I've told Nestle Chairman Antonio Waszyk to come clean on the products his company sells in my country.

Just click here to join me in demanding safe, GM- Free food from Nestle. And thanks for your support!

Thanks again,

You are receiving this email because someone you know sent it to you from the Greenpeace site. Greenpeace retains no information about individuals contacted through its site, and will not send you further messages without your consent -- although your friends could, of course, send you another message.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Swine Flu in NIT Surathkal!

I just had a talk with my brother, who is studying in NIT Surathkal presently.According to him,, there are four cases of Swine Flu. One of case is confirmed with medical report, whereas other three's report yet to come.

The guy who have the confirmed swine flu is a DASA guy. (DASA is a special quota in the college for NRI students). The source of the contact with the flu for the patient is obvious as it was the starting of new semester and everyone just came back from home.

My brother knows only about the two guys, as they are his batchmates.Warden visted hostels block and instructed some dos and donts. Also students were asked to buy mask from college dispensary at Rs5 (which I believe that it should be free!). Moreover, students are also following their own precaution like staying away from CSE students (as the first victim belong to that branch), DASA students and close friends of all victim. Unfortunately, students who has normal fever are also facing the brunt of this apartheid.

From my side, I have suggested my brother to buy some good mask if possible from outside and stay away from crowded place.I have also promised him to forward the mail that my office sent me regarding dos and donts of swine flu.I wish they get some small quarantine vacation and then I can call my bro home :)

Monday, August 3, 2009


People usually have some notion with changes. And the same happened with Microsoft vista.

Even I was not happy with vista and always wanted to use so known XP. Because of this I never explored the real capabilty of Vista.

Just for say, vista sidebar. I know this is a copy of google desktop, but that doesn't mean that it can't be better than google desktop. As same as google mail was nothing new, but people have accepted it as it proved its capabilty and proved the innovation behind it.

Vista side bar comes with so many easy to use handy gadgets. Just for example I am using Facebook gadget to see and update facebook. I had never been able to use facebook better than before using this gadget. And it is same with twiteer.

Finally I have kept this blog gadget to just see how this can realive my blog.

I wish people use vista and know its real capabilty!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Lesson from Earth’s Most Powerful Mammal

Hi Friends,

I found this Blog when I was browsing net! It is really a nice article and we all should learn something out of this!

Thanks and Regards,
Sumeet Sahu


A couple of months ago I went to Thailand with my girl friend to watch and ride on the elephants there. Watching these world’s largest mammals are really fascinating. Elephants are such gentle creatures and yet so powerful and strong. A large male elephant has the strength to pull a tree down and is able to lift a log with his trunk.
One thing that amazed me is that there are no elephant cages. You have cages for lions, bears and tigers but never a cage for the elephant. Why is this so? How do they prevent this powerful creature (stronger than the tiger + lion + bear added together) from escaping and running away. All they do is to tie a rope (or a single chain) to the elephants leg and secure it to a stake in the ground. Once his leg is secured, he will not run away. Now, do you think the elephant actually has the potential to break the chain or rope if he wanted to? Of course! He can pull down an entire tree!

But why won’t he break the weak rope that holds secures his leg?The answer I found from the keepers lies in making the elephant BELIEVE that he CANNOT break the string. This conditioning begins from young. When the elephant is a baby and still too weak to walk or even stand properly, they tie his leg to the stake in the ground. Sure enough when the baby elephant tries to run to its mother, it would not able to break the chains that bind it. When it attempts to run, the chain will catch its leg and it will fall onto the ground. Undeterred, the elephant would get up and ‘try again. He will run towards his mother only to have his leg get caught and body being flung to the ground. After expriencing all the pain from falling again and again, one day the elephant will not bother to pull the chain any more. The moment this happens, the keepers know that the elephant has been condiitoned to be trapped for the rest of its life.

Why do I tell you this story? When I watched this powerful creature being secured by a weak chain that it could easily break but does not, I think of the thousands of people whom I meet every day who are similary trapped by their limiting beliefs and habits that they can easily change but do not even attempt to. As human beings, we are like that powerful elephant with tremendous potential to achieve any dream we want, from becoming a millioniare to making a difference in the world. However, so many people with this amazing power do not dare to take action becasue they believe they cannot do it. They believe that it is pointless.

It could be when they were young, they failed and fell many times just like that baby elephant. Maybe when they were young, their parente stold them they were lazy and stupid. Maybe their friends called them a blur sotong. Maybe, their teachers said that they were good for nothing. As a result of all this past conditioning. may people form the belief that they cannot succeed. Just like the elephant, they think that I could not do it in past, so how can I do it now? In the past, I was lazy, so how can I be hardworking now. In the past I had no confidence, so how can I be confident now. In the past I was a slow learner, so how can I learn fast now? In the past I could not speak well, how can I now?

What these people fail to see is that the past does not equal to the future. They do not realize that just like the elephant, they are not the same person anymore. The elephant does not realze that in the past, he did not have the strength and power, but he does now. I want you to now that every single day, you wake up a different person. A person who has more knowledge, more experiences and a person who is wiser. Did you know that millions of cells in your body die every day and that new ones are produced?

In fact, Radioactive isotope studies prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you replace 98% of all the atoms in your body in less than one year. You make a new liver every 6 weeks, a new skin once a month, a new stomach lining every 5 days, a new skeleton - it seems so hard and solid, but the skeleton you have now you didn’t have three months ago. Even the brain cells that you think with as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, as those basic elements, they weren’t there one year ago. So, the only thing that keeps us from changing our actions and our results are the beliefs that we have.

If you have been allow the old beliefs and habits of the past to chan you back, isn’t it time you used your power to break free from prison of mediocrity and move towards the freedom, success and wealth you truly deserve?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


With the Title, you must be thinking that I am going to tell you a story about some Woman or girl in trouble. But I am not!! Now I am not a feminist, especially after seeing girl-next-door (Here!! I am not talking about the movie).

The title reminded me about the Malgudi's Man-eater. So I will try to frame the short story in next paragraph according to that story only.

Once upon a time, there was an old person, who was on his dead-bed because of cancer by excessive smoking (apparently this person was from OOTY). He was watching a news channel on TV with his 10-15 grand children. Then suddenly a news flash comes on the TV, in which they were showing a guy who troubled his wife and become famous as WIFE BEATER.

The news reader was telling in line of "India most wanted"'s Shohib Aliasi.
" Iss darinde k masum chahare par math jaiye!! Iss chahare k peeche chuppe hua shaitan ko pahachaniye !! Iss aadmi ne aapni biwi ko naa jaane kiss kiss cheez se mara hain....Jhadu, Bailan, Chain, Belt aur naa jaane kya kya!!!"

The old person tells to his grand children that he knows this WIFE BEATER and also lived with him. One of the Grand children asked, “Was he really a WIFE BEATER??". Old fellow told them that when this guy used to get drunk, he used to treat him like his wife and so he knows what all brutalities he would have done on his wife!! Grand Children praised the bravery of this Grand Father, who showed courage to stay with him that also as a wife, as this WIFE BEATER used to drunken alternative day. Some people also used to call him as "Drunken bastard".

On 6th February, This WIFE BEATER celebrated his anniversary. All his friends came with cakes and gifted him with all the weapons by which he can beat his wife one day.

This day will always be known as the WIFE BEATER DAY in history, when this "drunken bastard" born!!!

Friend tribute this legend and wish him a long Wife Beating Life in this Blog!

A Cake for the WIFE BEATER

PS: This article is for NITK 2007 batch junta only. Other may have difficulties in relating the context with factual life. In case of any query or comment, please comment in this blog only.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Department of Yam Affairs

(Based on Twixt Heaven and Hell - Jack Burgess )


Performed on Stage on 19th January, 2008 at CA-ITC, Hyderabad Campus


Concept: Sumeet Sahu
Scripts: Sumeet Sahu & Rohit Vyas

Dialogues contribution: Actress (Ishrat Aziz); Gangster (Rohit Vyas) ; IT Pro ( Sumeet Sahu) ; Receptionist ( Suvarna ); Yamaraj ( Manoj Jain)

Sounds: Srikanth

Team : Hari (Lights), Ishrat ( Actress, Sunami), Manoj (Yamaraj), Rohit (Gangster, Pappu Pager), Srilatha (Voicemail Voice), Sumeet (IT Pro, Swami Venkatnathan Aaiyapa Mundri Candra Raman), Suvarna (Receptionist)

Special Thanks to :

BSO Fun Activity Team, CA-ITC, Hyderabad

CA Annual Holiday Party Committee–2008,CA-ITC,Hyderabad


Ganster (Pappu pager): Rohit Vyas; A Mumbai Gangster with the Mumbai accents.
IT Pro (swami venkatnathan aaiyapa mundri chandra raman) : Sumeet Sahu; A simple South Indian IT professional guy.
Actress (Ms Sunami) : Ishrat Aziz ; Famous Indian Actress, who likes make-ups.
Receptionist : Suvarna ; A typical receptionist with South Indian Accents.
Yamraj (yummu) : Manoj Jain ; A Mythological Yamaraj Figure.


(Full blackout.)

Back Ground Voice:

Yeh duniya hain ki Suwarg ki tareef karte thakti nahi,

Par hain humare teen dost, Narq ki chahat mithi nahi,

Agar humhi batade sabh kuch tho maaja rahega kya?

Aage aage dekhiye, hota hain kya?

(Lights on.)

(Focus on 3 folks sitting to left side of the stage. One receptionist in the centre busy with makeup and phone call.)

(Three characters sitting are actress, IT pro, gangster)

Gangster: arre baap kitna lagayengee yeh chhamiyan.

Oye madam kitna time lagaogee?

Receptionist: Uffo!!!!! {interrupt}

Aaj kal ye Dead Peepal ko bhi Shanthi nahi he!!!!!!!!! {irritate}

Aap logon ne Form Bhar liya kya ????? {irritate} (while talking on the phone)

All: nahin!

(Receptionist shows three forms on the table. Gangster and IT pro takes one-one each form. Then IT pro takes another and gives it to Actress with a lovely smile. Actress also smiles back and take the form.)

Gangster: Yeh kaisa form hain??!!

Receptionist: Pehle dekh Tho Lo !!!! {irritate}

Sablog Apni Akkal Dharti pe chod ke aaye hei !! {irritate}

(IT pro is at once on the task (as usual) and the other two are at the end of their wits.)

Actress: excuse me! (shyly and politely)

IT pro: yesss

Actress: Could you please help me fill the form……………

IT pro: Ya!! You have to write you name here then you have to choose this…..

Actress: Aap hi plz bhardijiye na!!!

IT Pro: ya ya why not…why not J

(sets and mends his appearance, preening gestures)

IT pro (also fills her form and says): Done now J

Gangster: oye chirkutt…….chhamiyan ka to form bhar diya abhee apun ka bhee bhar nahin to dunga kharcha pani yaheen par………!@#$$%

IT Pro (shaking): haan bhai…..maine kab manaa kiya hai………..jaisa tum bolo.

(The poor IT pro also has to fill the gangster’s form…)

(Everyone submit their forms at the receptionist’s desk.)

(Receptionist kept the phone down and looked at them……)

Receptionist: Ab sab log Line Se beit Jaavo!!!!

(Sitting order: actress-IT pro-Gangster)

Receptionist (while reading the first form in hand): Ha Miss Zunaami ...How did u gum hereeeeeee ????

Actress: Sakal se!!!

Receptionist: Kadavale!!!!!!!! mera Matlab ,,,.Marrreee Kaisi ??

Actress (typical heroine type latka jhatka): ya you know that I am a renowned actress and mukje apne role mein pooree tarah se ghus jaane ki adaat hai! You know that I am a perfectionist. (pause) aapko pata hee hoga meree last blockbuster hit movie, “Hum Code Likh Chuke sanam”………

Receptionist: Oh sharaabee Brogramar ka Role ,,....I Remember!!!!!!!!!!

Actress: Lekin maine uske liye maine khub sharaab pee thee……..just to live and feel the role!

Meree aglee aane waali movie mein mujhe zehar khaana thha…….so to live and feel the role……..maine zehar khaa liya……aur…………….!!!

Receptionist (interruts the actress): Ab ye Feelingu Kaise lag raha hei???????

Actress:ohhhhhh…..wowwww bahut accha lag raha hai…….mera Director; Mr. Charan Jokar, bahut khush honge.

Receptionist: Haan haan!!! he was zo zad that u r dead ....and he came behind u !!!!

Actress: ohh sacheeeeee… kya main unse mil saktee hun?

Receptionist: Haan Kyon nahi !!, He also in Nark...and U also in Nark ...shame to shame.

Receptionist: Chalo...Next Bleez!!!!

(Now the IT pro stand at his place……..)

Receptionist: (when actress was about to leave): Chalo...Next Bleez!!!!

Actress: you know!!! Ye Bhutia Parlour…So slow….

Receptionist: Accha!!!

(IT pro now comes to her and sits at the other chair.)

Receptionist: Haa tho Sir Swami Venkatt .....

South Indian !!!

IT Pro: Namaskaram!!!....swami venkatnathan aaiyapa mundri chandra raman…..or you can call me as raman also…

Receptionist; Sir Raman !!!

Aaap ki life tho Set thee .... Suicide!!! (while looking into the computer and form)

Ayyo Ramaa!!!! Whyyyiii ??

IT Pro: Kya bataoo abh mein!! Pichale 2 mahine se code likh raha tha…aur thik delivery se pahale hard disk crash hogaye!!..tho kya!! Fhir manager ne meri watt laga di!!

Itna hi nahi… meri team jo meri Girl Friend thi..usse bhi mujhe chood dia…!! Abh sucide nahi karta tho kya karta…

Receptionist: Arre Murkh , Agar Tumne "Harvest" use kiya hota....

Na Aaj teri Girlu Friendu jaathi..

Na tu Moo Latkaaye Kade Hothe....

Jaavo Jaavo…

(IT Pro goes back and sits in his chair, by giving very nice smile to the actress.)

Receptionist: Next Bleez !!!!!!

(Gangster (Pappu Pager) was not listening to him. And he is still sitting at his place.)

Receptionist: Oye Pappu!!! Idhar aavo!!

Gangster: oye item…….awaz neeche rakh……….Pappu pager ke saamnein kiseeki boltee nahin chaltee hai!!! @#$%

Receptionist (seeing his audacity) : Aur mere Saamne Dead Peepal ka Zubaan nahi chalthi !!

Chup chaap yaha Beit jaa……..

(After looking into the form and computer.)

Receptionist: Tume Heaven jaana Hein !!!

Gangster (perplexed) :hain?? Heaven………oye chhamiyan……..tere dimaag ka dahee banela hai kya………bhai ko swarg bhejegee??? Apun kii reputation ka sawal hai……jayenga to apun naraq mein hee ………..chamka kya!!!

Receptionist Kyon Pager bhai….Aise kya kiya Narq Jaavoge!!!


Aaja..Apni System Information ko Dekho….

2 Politician Maare hei…Yeh tho Puny ki kaam hei!!!

Tum jaise 10 Pappu bhi ho jaaye!!

Desh ka Kalyan ho jaayega!!!!

Gangster: arre bhai uske pehle jo maine hafta wasooliee..logon ko uthaana-tapkaana kiya uska kya??

Receptionist: Politician ko maar ke saare paap dhul gayee……….lekin main fir bhee tumharee request ke bare mein sochungee!!..............ab jaao apnee jagah par. Arey !! Politician ko maarke tera saare paap dhul gaye!!

Teek hei Teek hei!! Fir bhee mei tere bare me sochungeeee!!

Ab jaavo..Seat par!!

(Now Receptionist is working hard on her system. She bangs her head and as there is an enormous issue glaring at them. She picks her phone and dials to the Yamaraj…….)

Voicemail from the background: You have reached the voicemail of Yamaraj reception center. Your call is imp to us and may be recorded for training purpose.Pl select from the following options:

  • Press 1 if you just died.
  • Press 2 if u are in process of dying.
  • Press 3 if u feel like dying after eating food made by your spouse.
  • Press 4 if you have just been forced to watch “kyonki chhachh bhee kabhee dahee thee!!!”

Or else…please hold for eternity.

Receptionist: Yammu Darling….I know ur there!!!

Bleez…..bick up the Phone ….. Yellow!!!

Yamaraj:hi babe……….wassup……..howz the dead life goin on J

Receptionist: Kya yaar…….Life is As usual u kno…. . “Deadly”

Yamaraj: aur is weekend kya kar rahee ho……..aatee kya kabristaan……

Receptionist :Teek hei..Sochungee….. Waise bhee…Ek Problem hei..usko tho Solve karo!!!

Yamaraj: haan bolo………abhee chutkee mein solve karte hain…..

Receptionist: Yahaan..Mere paas 3 Murden beite hei…Teenon ko..Narq hee jaana hei..

Vacancy tho sirf 1 keliye hei????

Yamaraj: arre load mat lo……..sabko mere paas bhejo….abhee sabse ek-ek sawal puchhunga…… jeeta uska banega mukadar ka chuchundar aur jayega naraq ke andarr ..

Receptionist (to all): Jis Jisko Narq jaana hei..Yamraj ke paas jaayiye!!!

Gangster: Apun ke reputation ka sawaal hain…Jaiga tho apun Narq hi!!! Kya!!!

Then he stands up and moved ahead and stand there.

Actress: Jaaha Charan Joker, waha main!!!

(Actress moved a little distance, but the stopped and looks back toward IT pro and says….)

Actress: Aap nahi challenge??!!!

(IT pro makes no comment but start walking behind her as if he is possessed by her beauty.)

(Light goes dim!! And Yamaraj makes and entry with focus light on him!!)

Yamaraj: Hahahahahahahah (typical laughter)

(Yamaraj walks and looks at each one of them. This three people are standing in line. First is Actress then IT Pro then Gangter. Yamaraj stand in-front of actress who is 5 feet tall and yamaraj is 5’ 11” so he neel down to see her face to face and laugh in comedian style. Then he moves left where IT pro is standing who is 6’ 2” tall so he was reaching his cheat with that neeling position, so he stand up to see his face. IT pro gets some scared. Then Yamaraj gain moves to left where Gangster is standing. But Gangster scared him away. And so Yamraj says….)

Yamaraj: Darana nahi Darana nahi!!! Hum Yam hain…Hum Yam hain!!!

Yamraj: admee 3 aur jagah 1…..bahut nainsafee hai……..

Milega sabh ko mauka milega…

chalo sabse ek-ek sawal…… jawab…pat narq J

All: (applauding the arrangement)……..theek hai theek hai…….Yamaraj amar rahein!!!

Yamaraj: Haan tho pahale koon aayega??

(Both IT pro and gangster try to go first buy Yamaraj says…)

Yamaraj: Nahi!!! Pahale Miss Sunami…Ladies First!!!

(Yamaraj goes at his desk where Receptionist also standing. He gives his gada to her, which she was not able to lift. Thus she falls because of it.)

Yamaraj: Haan tho Ms Sunami…Kya aap taiyaar hain…

Actress: Wait a sec!!

(She takes out her make-up kit out of her purse and does some make-up on her face….)

Yamaraj: yaha bhi make-up!!!

Actress: Haanji!! Maintain karna padta hain!!!

Yamaraj: offff….. Haan tho miss sunami … Naraq main jaane k liye aapka swaal …..

“Six pack” kahan hote hain?

A) Bag mein b) Pet mein c) Sandwich mein d) Makeup box mein?

Haan tho bataiye…Ms Sunami….kya hain aapka jaawab?

Actress: Six Pack!!! Six Pack!!! Six Pack!!

Yamraj: Yeh kya tha!!!

Actress: Kya Yamraj!! Aap sash Bahu k serials nahi dekhte!!! Sara squeal kharab kar dia!!

Actress: Chalo koi bath nahi !!! Six Pack tho haldi kumkum ka koi pack lagta hain…

(Yamaraj beating his head)

Yamaraj: are you sure??

Actress: ji!!! Lagta hain aapko pata nahi!! Meri bath maniye, 6 din main nikhar jayenge!! Waise abhi aap mere option d lock kar sakte hain….

Yamaraj: Mr Computer jii… option d lock kar dijiye

(A big sound comes from back ground)

Yamaraj: ohhh!! Ms Sunami ..mujhe bataana hoga ki abhi aapne apnee sujh bujh ka sabut diya aur yeh jawaab…………………GALAT HAI @#$.........sahee jawab thha……PET MEIN!!!

Actress: naheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Yamaraj: Moving ahead………next contestant…..Mr. gangster Pappu Pager…….agla sawal appko……………

Gangster: haan be………bak de jaldee…..

Yamraj: Aare Papu tum bilkul nahi badale!!

Gangster: Tho kya!! Apun dharti par bhi bhai aur yaha par bhi bhai….Chamka kya??!!

Yamaraj: Pata nahi kya hoga Narq ka!!

Yamaraj: Accha Papu aapka sawal….13.13…….13......milke kya banta haii???

Aapke option hain:

  • 13
  • 39
  • 2197
  • None of the above

Gangster:…..chaiyyla…….kya ruldu sawal puchhela hai yar……abe gali ka baacha baacha jaanta hain ki…13 13 13 suroor hota hain…apne dhimesh simaiya ka gana hai….

Kya mammu…. Tune nahi suna kya?? Chal apun ka answer d) None of the above

Yamaraj: Computerji…inke suroor k lia ….d ko lock kijiye…

( A Big sound comes from back side)

Yamaraj:Pappu tumhara jawab bhi tumare tarha Dhakaan nikala….Sahi jawaab hain b 39

(pappu is seen banging his head in depression)

Yamaraj: Chaliye last contestant………Mr SVAMC Raman…offfff…

IT Pro: Swami Ventaknathan Aayapa Mundri Chandra Raman….

Yamaraj: Ye kya sirf aapka naam hain??

IT Pro: Ji!! Maine tho aapna Surname dala bhi nahi…Aapke form main jagha nahi thi!!

Yamraj: Thank God!!! Bach gaye….

Yamaraj:.haan tho…MR SVC dot dot……aapka sawal…Kya aap Movies dekte hain??

IT Pro: Haan Bahut!!

Yamraj: Aur Gajnikant ki movies??

IT Pro: Gajnikant mere favorite actor hain J

Yamraj: hmmm tho aapka sawal ………Gajnikanth ko apnee film mein 2 gundon ko marne ke liye kitnee goliyan lagtee hain?

  • 3 goliyan
  • 2 goliyan
  • 1 goli
  • Ya fir Gajnikanth munh se bandook ki awaz nikalenge aur donon gunde mar jayenge.

(IT Pro is thinking hard………………………………calculating something in the mind with fingers)

IT Pro: As per the requirement and resources available……….2 admi tho 2 goliya lagegi….par 50% buffer k saath 3 goliya……..islia mera answer hain a) 3 goli

Yamraj: Yaha par bhi buffer!!??

IT Pro: Haan !! Lagana padta hain…

Yamaraj: Are you sure?

IT Pro: Yes

Yamaraj: Computerji……plz option B ko lock kar dijiye.

(Computer makes a sound and locks the answer.)

Yamaraj: afffsosssss……………..galat jawab………kya yar………zindagee bhaar code kiya………gajnikanth ke movies dekhee hee nahin? Kya mila code karke?????

IT Pro: Kya milaa code karke…………………………………………….

(He stands and walks towards the audience and says the following sentiment charged lines)

“Ek Line code ki keemat tum kya jaano Yam Babu?

Ishwar ka ashirwaad hota hai ek Line code

Developer ke sar ka taj hota hai ek Line code

Har bench resource ka khwaab hota hai ek Line code”

(Actress and gangster started clapping)

Yamaraj: Wah!! Kya dialogue mara… dil khus kardia….Challooo tum hi winner..tum jaa sakte ho narq….

(Yamaraj comes with a garland and put it across the IT pro’s neck.)

IT Pro: Thanq Thanq….

(Yamaraj started taking him to back stage .But IT Pro stops in middle and says…)

IT Pro: Yamraj Babu!! Kya main audience se last bar kuch kaha du??

Yamaraj: haan !! Ku nahi!!

(IT Pro walks back again toward the audience and says.)

IT Pro: Software Engineer jeetha hain haar jang, Jindagi k saath bhi Jindagi k baad bhi!! Software Engineer jaisa koi nahi…..

(Black Out)

***************THE END ***************


Team on Stage!!!

Team at Back Stage: (From Left) Srilatha, Suvarna, Sumeet, Ishrat, Manoj Jain, Rohit

More Photos from CA Annual Holiday Party - 2008

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Mars Rover - NASA